Posted by: audaxing | September 3, 2010

My best bike part 3: the frame

Some say that the frame “is” the bicycle. So the wheels, bars, pedals and everything else could be changed but if the frame remained it is the same bike.

The frame was made by the now defunct maker Setavento. The designer, James Lawrence had a UK accent, the company was US based and all the manufacturing happened in China. The bike is made from titanium.

Titanium is increasingly popular with long distance riders in the UK. It is light and strong but most importantly titanium has excellent ride qualities. It takes just a little bit of buzz out of the road.

I decided to get this frame made by Setavento in 2006 following a close escape with Omega, who went broke a couple of months later. The frame was to build up a bike to use for PBP and all the qualifiers in 2007. I had a consultation with Mr Lawrence on the phone in September 2006 and was mildly confident that the bike might arrive for my birthday in November. Birthday came and went. No frame. Xmas came and went. No frame. I rode my first qualifier for PBP in January 2007. No frame. I was promised the frame “absolutely” by the end of February. Then there was an earthquake in China. That’s a fairly good excuse.

The frame finally arrived at the start of March. I had it built up by the local bike shop. The usually excellent LBS seemed to have trouble sourcing one Campag part for the bike which delayed it further. It was finally ready to ride for a 300 qualifier in early April. I didn’t take the new bike and the old bike self destructed on that ride, leading to a DNF- but that’s another story.

The frame was well worth the wait. It fits excellently. The curvey seat stays look great and quite possibly make the bike even more comfortable. It whisked me round PBP very comfortably. The frame is the basis for a real mile eater

But it won’t be doing another PBP…

Crack in Titanium

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