Posted by: audaxing | August 31, 2010

Return to the Valley of the Rocks

In Feburary 2008 I started the Valley of the Rocks 200km route with the organiser, Ian. We were doing a route check. The weather was fine. But when I got to the hill down to Hunters Inn near Lynton it all went wrong. I misjudged a corner on this extremely steep and twisty hill. I remember thinking “This will hurt”.

How to ride one handed

On a turbo trainer with a sling on, March 2008

Then I had a trip to the hospital (thanks to Dave for rescuing me from this remote spot in his car) and three months off the bike.
But I am not one to let a ride beat me so I had another go at it this weekend. I made it down the hill this time without injury. It’s a great route with spectacular views
Winsford Hill

The road winding over Winsford Hill


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