Posted by: audaxing | August 24, 2010

New gear this year

Some items of equipment are needed and if they work that’s great, if they don’t it’s a PitA but in either case they don’t stir much interest.
Not all of the items below and necessary, vital or mandatory bits of kit for long distance road cycling.
But whatever they are, they’ve been better than I hoped

Here’s my best buys of 2010

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes
Electrolytes – The Secret Ingredient

Gore leg warmers

Gore Windstopper Leg Warmers
I’ve been a fan of Gore Windstopper tights for a few years. Last year I got two more pairs. They are wind proof for warmth in the cold, breathable for comfort in the warm and dry out quickly. The leg warmers of the same material have the same properties. The leg warmers are more suitable as something to change into at night on long summer randonnees. The two reasons for this are that they are less bulky in a bag and the extra kidney warming is not needed.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech 28mm

I was so tyred of GP4 Seasons, but found a possible replacement

Rubino Pro Tech tyre

Montane Stormrider eVent coat

Montane Stormrider Jacket
Not being manufactured any more but on sale lots of places, this cycling specific coat is made from the eVent fabric. It has side zent zips and is lightweight. The breathablity seems to be as good as advertised. Just the thing for audax rides

BBB Waterflex overshoes

BBB Waterflex Overshoes
My old Altura overshoes had worn out..the velcro had gone and they were severely scuffed. I couldn’t find another pair just the same so looked for alternatives. The neoprene overshoes are too thick and warm for the summer but ones like these BBB shoe covers seem ideal: very waterproof but light

Pink Campag jersey

Campag Jersey
Pink is my colour so this was a “must get”. I am not a serial fancy jersey buyer. Usually I get whatever Lidl has on special but for that special audax I need a special jersey


  1. […] warmers and discovered they were missing. They must have fallen out of my bag. They were size XL Gorebike wear Windstopper leg warmers So if you find some in the road some where on the Mendips, that’s where they are […]

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