Posted by: audaxing | June 16, 2010

Schedule Planners cause depression

When I do a long ride I do think about what sort of rate I will be riding at
I think about when I am likely to get to places
I am particularly interested in reaching controls with good food at mealtimes
I am even more interested in reaching sleep stops before sleep stops me

So you might think that the “schedule planner” would be my friend. This is a spreadsheet that is already populated with the controls for a route and the distances. It allows the rider to put in the speeds they might travel at and how long they might spend at a control. So far so good. But there is a downside.

if the numbers input mean that the finish happens outside of the time limit then the controls that are outside the time limit go bright red!

So one adjusts the “schedule” to have less sleep and go faster.

Then the schedule starts to look a bit impossible. The thought arises “Under these circumstances, can I make around in time?”

Of course I want a realistic plan. But to have a tools that is supposed to help bringing up these negative thoughts isn’t great

I have a simple system for assessing if I can do a ride. I work out the average speeds/times for various legs of the ride based on climbing and other difficulties. Then I use this to work out the time spent riding. I add on 1 hour per 100km for controls, comfort breaks etc. I add on the time spent asleep.

With the simple system and minimal but adequate sleep I figure I can make it around the Mille Cymru maybe 2 hours ahead of the 9am finishing time
With the official Mille Cymru schedule planner I finish at 12:51pm

Sometimes you can do too much planning
Here is the Mille Cymru Schedule Planner


  1. […] and tried doing a detailed plan. Not to slavishly follow but to see what sort of ride I might have. Oh dear, wish I hadn’t done that. In reality this is a very difficult […]

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