Posted by: audaxing | May 22, 2010

So Tyred

Since 2007 I have been mostly using Continental GP 4 Seasons 28mm folding tyres for long rides.

I have also used Michelin Pro 3 Race 25mm a few times but the Contis are the main choice

Thing is, after another couple of punctures on the Brevet Cymru 400km at the start of May,I counted up the
numbers of punctures I’d had and felt deflated.

Basically, when the Contis are new and have done less than 2,500km they seem ok
After 2,500km they will puncture quite often. So often that on a 400km+ ride a puncture is more likely than not.

Any tyre is better when it is new but I’d expect it to get past 2,500km before problems become common

The Contis are excellent in every other way: speed, comfort, grip. But this level of durablity is not acceptable

The long distance bike now has Vittoria Rubino Tech in 28mm on it. The 28mm are actually more like 26mm. I’ve
given them a full test at the weekend on the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600km around Wales.
The Rubinos seem comfortable enough and speed seems average. Grip is fine on damp roads.

Rubino Pro Tech tyre


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