Posted by: audaxing | April 8, 2010

Not quite a 300

Last weekends 300km in Cornwall didn’t go well

We set off in the dark from a carpark in Penzance. There were 6 people.
Mr woolly hat, Steve the Cornish person, a marine in shorts, John, Mr gear cables and me

On the first climbette ( more of a slope really ) we dropped woolly hat and didn’t see him again. We weren’t going fast and trying to loose anyone but..
On the first proper climb there was some serious rain and the marine in shorts pulled ahead. Me and John stuck together. At the first control I saw marine in shorts on the retrace about a km ahead of me. Didn’t see him again after that

Teamed up with John again at first control. There was a short hailstorm. At the next control there was a tearooms we stopped for rather too long as it started raining in earnest. I left first. After 3 hours in the rain ( proper cold, heavy rain ) I paused for a moment in a bus shelter and John caught up.
He brought news that everyone else had packed. We pressed on for another half an hour to Fowey. Sat in another cafe for rather too long, due to a need to warm up and dry. Left Fowey well out of time. I had given up by now but John was less realistic/more determined so I put in some strong turns.

We got lost on the way to Camelford but got back on route with the map
Got to Camelford still very out of time (1 hour+)
After Camelford there was a long stretch of A road and I was doing 40kph+ for a good long time. Even after this when I checked the time at 200km we were 40 minutes out of time so we packed. The next bit was quite difficult and no more time would be gained.

Got a train back to the start, did 240km in all. First time I’ve been defeated by weather. The only finisher was the marine in shorts

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